Sorting Inherited Jewelry

You've just inherited a shoebox of jewelry and you don't know which is costume, which is real, and if any of it is valuable. I once worked with a client who arrived with an entire suitcase stuffed with jewelry, and sorted through piles of plastic beads, faux pearls, and rhinestone necklaces. Buried in this stash was one diamond ring. Surprise!

I have sorted boxes of collectible costume jewelry, dozens of pocketwatches both solid gold and gold-filled (there is a considerable difference in value), and bags filled with beautiful velvet boxes, each holding a special treasure. Typically I sort by whether the jewelry is platinum, gold, silver, gold-filled, or vermeil, and by whether the gemstones appear to be natural, synthetic, or simulants. 

Most clients just want to know which pieces are valuable, if any, and from there we proceed to next steps. Depending on the type of pieces in the collection, I can make recommendations regarding distribution to family by value, redesigning for better use, donation to charity, or possible scenarios for liquidation.


Contact me if you need assistance sorting your inherited jewelry. 

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