I am Anne M. Pokoski, a GIA gemologist with more than 25 years of experience working as a fine jewelry sales associate, appraiser, designer, buyer, and personal jeweler. It is my pleasure to offer you a unique service previously unavailable in the St. Louis area. In short, I help clients make good decisions about fine jewelry.

What is a Fine Jewelry Consultant?

Would you like honest, unbiased, and qualified information about your jewelry or a piece you are considering for purchase? Do you have a stash of unwanted jewelry that you never wear and don't know what to do with? As an independent fine jewelry consultant, I provide my expertise and professional opinion on a wide range of services, including selling your unwanted jewelry, curating your existing collection, engagement ring consultation among many others, with no vested interest in any retail store, online jewelry site, or auction house. Because I do not accept commission, but am compensated an hourly basis by you, my recommendations are based solely on your goals, and what is important to you. I am your personal jeweler.


I invite you to explore my site and learn about an innovative way to sell your fine jewelry, shop for new pieces, or improve your collection with confidence, discretion, and financial transparency.




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