Frequently Asked Questions


What is your hourly rate?

I charge a flat hourly fee for any service I perform for you, whether it's purchasing an important gemstone or selling your unwanted jewelry. For further information, please email me with you area of interest and I will provide an estimate of fees, plus send you my standard Agreement for your review and discussion.

Where would we meet?

Generally, I meet clients where it is most convenient for them. That can be at an office, bank, coffee shop, or jewelry store, for instance. Depending on the circumstances, I make house calls. Once I know the scope of work, we will determine an appropriate, mutually agreeable location for our meeting.I have been double-vaxxed and boosted against COVID, and usually mask up to protect a immuno-compromised family member of mine. 

How do I pay you for services?

I accept all major credit cards, personal checks, Venmo, or cash.

Why should I use your personal shopping service when I can just buy jewelry myself?

I have established excellent relationships with a number of fine jewelers, estate dealers, and other related jewelry companies in St. Louis and beyond. Sometimes I am able to achieve a better price for my clients than they would pay on their own, because I am frequently bringing these businesses new clientele. There is no jeweler or personal shopper in St. Louis who possesses my combination of expertise, credentials, business relationships, and experience. The advise I furnish is an excellent value. If in my opinion it would not make financial sense for you to retain my services, I will state so up front.

If you have further questions, please email me and I will respond as quickly as possible.