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Jewelry Wardrobe Styling

suggestions for a jewelry wardrobebuilding a wardrobe in St. Louis

Does it look strange to wear a platinum wedding band and a yellow gold watch?

Should my pearl earrings be the same size as the pearls in my necklace?

Do I look better in yellow, rose, or white gold?

Does this ring make my finger look fat?

These are all actual questions I've been asked over the years, because women want an honest assessment of what looks good on them, and to feel confident about their personal style.

What is jewelry "styling," anyway? It is a process that involves viewing your complete collection, checking each piece for proper fit and proportion, and pairing it with other accompanying pieces for a complete look. The next step is applying these looks to your clothing wardrobe.

Styling a jewelry wardrobe together is a fun and beneficial. It always results in new jewelry combinations, unexpected ways to accessorize your clothes, recommendations for pieces that would expand the wearability of your collection, and suggestions on how to make your fine jewelry more versatile. Sometimes a piece that never gets worn just needs to fit better, and after alterations, it becomes a favorite.

For instance, I see many diamond stud earrings pitching forward on earlobes so that they don't sparkle like they should and certainly don't look as pretty as they should. With a pair of special earring backs that I always have with me, this problem can usually be solved in just a moment, so that the earrings sit properly and beautifully highlight the face.

There are so many ways to make your jewelry more versatile and wearable. I've been styling women for years, and am happy to dive into a closet along with your jewelry to discover the perfect pairings. 

Contact me for assistance with styling your jewelry wardrobe.

Styling selections above courtesy of InStore Magazine

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