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Curating Your Collection

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Art collectors hire curators to help them enhance their homes, express their style, improve their holdings, and ensure that they are purchasing wisely.


As a curator for your fine jewelry collection, I can help you express your personal style, enhance your appearance, improve the quality of your jewels, and ensure that you are purchasing wisely. If you want to build an exceptional collection, and have fun along the way, let’s work together.


My process for curating a jewelry collection begins with a review of all the jewelry you own, including the pieces you never wear. We will discuss what works for you, what doesn’t, and why. I’ll get to know you and what your days are like, how you entertain, how you like to dress, and what gives you confidence. The better I understand your lifestyle and personal style, the more concisely I can develop a plan for you and your collection. We will determine your jewelry goals and how best to achieve them.


My personalized plan for your curated collection will include:


  • Recommendations for jewelry of a certain scale, shape, proportion, and colors that are most flattering to you; 


  • Suggested pieces that would make your existing collection more wearable (perhaps you don’t have the right necklace to wear with beautiful earrings you already own, or vice versa);


  • A list of jewels to sell or give away because they no longer serve you well, are repeated in the collection, or are not of suitable quality;


  • Possible modifications to existing pieces to make them more versatile, thereby easily expanding your collection (such as creating removable drops for earrings or extenders to change the length of necklaces;)


  • Suggestions for special designer pieces that will elevate and personalize your jewelry collection over time, making it as unique as you are.

Curation is a process, and it revolves around a relationship between us. Rest assured, I will always work within your budget and be sensitive to your feelings, including the emotions that are often associated with family heirlooms.


Contact me if you are interested in learning more about curating your fine jewelry collection.

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