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Let's talk about jewelry appraisals. (Ugh! Let's not, and say we did.)  Actually, I find jewelry appraisals fascinating, and spent many years conducting them for the two jewelers in St. Louis. For me it's a pleasure to read an expertly prepared jewelry appraisal that incorporates the correct methodology, an accurately written description, and the appropriate research behind the valuation.

The best, professional appraisals are conducted by qualified experts who have spent hours attaining certifications, who own on-site gem laboratories, and have vast knowledge of the markets in which jewelry is bought and sold. 

Although I do not own a gemological laboratory and no longer conduct jewelry appraisals myself, I earned the prestigious title of Certified Gemologist Appraiser by the American Gem Society more than 20 years ago. I know what constitutes a professional appraisal, and gladly assist clients with appraisal reviews.

For these projects, I ask the client to gather all of the appraisals for her collection, along with a copy of her insurance policy's schedule for jewelry, if applicable, and the jewelry itself. I will match up jewelry to the appraisal, and again to the insurance schedule. If there are items on the schedule that are no longer in the collection, we will resolve this. If I find that appraisals are in need of updating, I will recommend it. We can discuss insurance options with your agent as well. 

Once the review is complete, I can execute my recommendations, using one of my preferred appraisers. I can do so at my hourly rate and you will simply pay the appraiser directly.

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