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     "Anne did me the biggest service with my jewelry. She came to my home and conducted a complete inventory of my existing pieces. We discussed how I was (and was not) wearing each of them. We created a list of those to sell and others to fill in. It was so organized that way.


     "Not only is her taste impeccable, but her judgment on how to wear and use my jewelry was outstanding. Now it is easy to plan future purchases, and I don't have unwanted pieces sitting in my jewelry box that I no longer wear. I love the fact that she is an independent consultant and I look forward to using her services again in the near future."     -- AB 


"Honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and fun!

That's the value of working with Anne, which I have done for more than 25 years. -DW


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"My fiancee'and I met Anne during the beginning stages of shopping for an engagement ring. My fiancee' had a vision of what she wanted her ring to look like, but I didn't know where to start when it came to diamonds. Anne gave us a crash course in diamond education and immediately made us feel more comfortable and confident in what we were looking at. We developed an immediate rapport with Anne as she was genuinely interested in my fiancee's vision and personal style. She listened to all of our ideas, used what worked and was never afraid to tell us when something wouldn't work. 


     "After only a couple of meetings and email exchanges, we ended up with a more beautiful ring than we could have imagined that fit my fiancee's unique style perfectly.  Throughout the process, Anne developed a deeper understanding of my fiancee's tastes, helping me develop a list of future gifts that she will love. Anne's professionalism and attentiveness to her clients are unmatched and we are extremely grateful to have found her."    -- JT

"It's easy to buy a gift - you just select something you like.  But is it something the recipient will like?  That's where Anne, and her impeccable taste, comes in.  Her sense of style is infallible, her judgement time-tested; problem solved!"  -RJ   





   “I recently spoke with Anne about some jewelry I was looking to sell; however, during our discussion Anne gave great recommendations about redesigning my ring into a beautiful necklace. She has a great eye and could see potential that my ring had. Now that I’m redesigning my ring, Anne is helping me talk with a jeweler to make the transformation.”  -- EP


“I loved my entire experience with Fine Jewelry Consultant Anne Pokoski. Anne is incredibly knowledgeable in the jewelry industry. She educates you on the process of selling your jewelry and helps you understand what is the best value. Our hour-long session reviewing my jewelry was so informative and fun. She genuinely cares about her clients and works as your personal jeweler. I instantly trusted Anne’s advice and opinions. I will always look to Anne for my jewelry needs.” -JD   



"I recently had a meeting to go over my jewelry with Anne. She was really knowledgeable, friendly, and insightful. I now know that darker metals and white gold look better on me based on my skin tone. Thanks Anne for the great service."   -- AF



“I had been trying to sell my wedding rings for months without success, but then I met with Anne and she helped me understand the true value of my jewelry. Anne has many connections in the St. Louis jewelry industry and beyond, and she was able to sell my rings at a great price that we all agreed upon. Anne isn't just a fantastic jewelry consultant, but also an honest person who really enjoys helping her clients.”  -- KH 


"Thank you for your time and effort while helping us select our wedding bands. Your advice and guidance has provided us confidence in the process that will last a lifetime.We look forward to working with you in the future." - aNY couple

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