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How to Clean Your Fine Jewelry


Use this method to effectively clean gold, platinum, silver, and stainless steel jewelry. It doe not remove tarnish or patina, but does remove soap scum, skin oils, lotion, shampoo and other substances that can make your gemstones and precious metals look dull and cloudy. It works well on diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other transparent gemstone jewelry. Do NOT use this method on strands of pearls or beads, pearl earrings, coral or cameos, opals, or emeralds. Do NOT use this method on "assembled" gems, such as doublets or triplets. If in doubt, consult a professional jeweler.


A can of scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner or ammonia-based glass cleaner

An old toothbrush

Paper towels

A dishtowel

A small dish or saucer​

Scrubbing bubbles to clean your jewelry


  • Put the stopper in your sink to prevent jewelry from going down the drain.

  • Place your jewelry to be cleaned in a small dish, next to your sink.

  • Completely cover the jewelry with a mound of scrubbing bubbles cleaner or glass cleaner.

  • Let the jewelry sit until the bubbles have dissipated.

  • Line the bottom of your sink with a few paper towels.  Turn your faucet on just slightly, so that warm water runs into the sink.

  • Hold a piece of jewelry in your left hand, and with your right hand, use the old toothbrush to gently scrub the top, bottom and sides of the piece.

  • Rinse the piece under the warm water and place it on the dish towel to dry.

  • When all pieces have been scrubbed and placed on the towel, you can pat them dry, if needed, with the dishtowel.

  • Now you can unstop the sink, wear, and enjoy!

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