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Personal Shopping

a stylish necklace acquired by a personal shopper
St. Louis fine jewelry personal shopper
What does a personal shopper do?

Do you find shopping for jewelry confusing, or even intimidating? Have you made mistakes when buying jewelry as a gift? Are you unsure about jewelry pricing and the quality that you're paying for? If any of these questions describes how you feel when tasked with shopping for jewelry, you could benefit from my services as a fine jewelry personal shopper. 

I can confidently gift-shop on your behalf if I know the recipient, her collection, and your preferences. I will search for the right pieces at a variety of sources and text or email you photographs with a selection of ideas. As a gemologist and experienced jewelry professional, I choose only pieces that are of good quality at a good value. If I don't know the recipient, we will have a detailed conversation about the jewelry she already owns and the recipient's personal style. Upon your approval of a selection, the jewelry will be gift-wrapped and I will personally deliver it to you.

Next, many women enjoy shopping for themselves, but would feel more confident with a professional, unbiased, second opinion at the time of purchase. Again, it helps if I am familiar with what you already own. But you can rely on me to know whether a piece is a good value, if it's well-constructed and of high quality, and most importantly, whether it really does look good on you. We can shop together when you're purchasing for yourself or find pieces to build your wish list for future special occasions. Attending trunk shows together is efficient, as the designer's entire collection of jewelry is in-store for purchase and review, and any necessary alterations can be discussed for special orders.

Some clients have given me carte blanche to text or email photographs of jewelry I think they might like at any time, with no special occasion needed. Once I know a client's personal style and taste, it's easy for me to be on the lookout whenever I'm in jewelry stores, attending trunk shows, previewing estate collections, or perusing auction catalogs. Sometimes I am selling jewelry for one client that is perfect for another, which is the best scenario of all.


In every case, you will pay the jeweler directly for the piece, and I will be paid only my hourly fee. There is no commission involved at any time.

Contact me today and let's talk about how I can best assist you in shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry.  

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