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Online Shopping

A pair of antique diamond earrings available to purchase online

Fifteen years ago, shoppers were uncomfortable buying fine jewelry online. Today, purchasing a new, branded piece directly from a jewelry company's website is commonplace. But when it comes to online diamond houses, auction sites, and second-hand fine jewelry websites, many shoppers lack the expertise to make informed decisions. Allow me to assist as your personal jewelry advisor when shopping online.

Now you can bookmark your favorite pieces and we will discuss together which are worth pursuing and eliminate those that are not. Once I determine a fair price for the piece, I can negotiate the purchase price with the seller on your behalf. If you proceed with the purchase, I will inspect the piece upon arrival and help you decide whether or not to keep it. If you'd feel more confident with a professional insurance replacement value appraisal being conducted upon its arrival, I can arrange for a quick turnaround so that you stay within the website's return policy.


Should you need a jeweler to set the diamond you purchased online, I can advise or participate in that process as well. I know which local jewelers will set diamonds they did not sell, the types of mountings they carry, who excels at creating exceptional custom designs, and so on. 

Contact me for more information about assistance with shopping for jewelry online. 

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