Auction Bidding

Jewelry auction catalog cover

Welcome to the exciting world of buying jewelry at auction. Nothing will get your heart racing like bidding on a special jewel for your collection. 

I personally have purchased at auction and have consigned my own jewelry that sold at auction, so I understand the process from both ends of the transaction. Today's auctions take place at auction houses, but even more frequently, online. If you are an experienced bidder but would like a better understanding of a piece's value before you raise your paddle, you can retain me to investigate comps both in the retail and auction market, so that together we can decide your high bid in advance of the auction.

I can also work on your behalf if you would like more information about an online auction piece, and again help determine a fair value before you bid. 

Lastly, I can do your bidding for you -- literally. If you aren't available the day of the auction or don't trust yourself to stay within budget, I can be retained to bid on your behalf. 

Contact me for information regarding my buying fine jewelry at auction as your representative.