Inventory Preparation

The contents of a jewelry safe requiring inventory in St. Louis

It may be time to get your jewelry collection in order. If you're a jewelry lover and own a sizable collection of pieces, it's best to keep it organized and maintained. Or if your pieces are split between a safe at home and a safety deposit box at the bank, it would be helpful to have a record of what you own and where it is stored, for peace of mind. Perhaps you like to purchase jewelry while you're on vacation, but don't remember exactly what you already own and would like to have photographs of your collection on your phone for ready access.

I can prepare a comprehensive inventory of your collection, based specifically on your needs. For example, it can include a single photograph of each piece with a simple description, or it can be a binder complete with multiple images of each piece, original receipts, and current appraisals. Additional notes for family members can be included as well. Documents such as these are particularly helpful in estate planning.


However you would like your collection to be catalogued and archived, I can make it happen for you.

Contact me for information regarding inventory preparation.