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Service is the cornerstone of my business. I am a trusted advisor to those who want to make good decisions about fine jewelry, and I tailor my services to achieve their specific goals.

I charge my clients a flat, hourly fee for any service I provide, and never accept a commission from anyone on either side of a transaction. All services are performed in a completely transparent manner.

Client Testimonials

"I recently had a meeting to go over my jewelry with Anne. She was really knowledgeable, friendly, and insightful. I now know that darker metals and white gold look better on me based on my skin tone. Thanks Anne for the great service."

~ AF


"Thank you for your time and effort while helping us select our wedding bands. Your advice and guidance has provided us confidence in the process that will last a lifetime. We look forward to working with you in the future."


~ a NY Couple

"It's easy to buy a gift -- you just select something you like. But is it something the recipient will like? That's where Anne, and her impeccable taste, comes in. Her sense of style is infallible, her judgment time-tested; problem solved!" 


~ RJ

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