Redesigning Outdated Jewels

redesign your old jewelry in St. Louis

Before and After

an updated diamond necklace redesigned from outdated jewelry

Almost everyone owns a piece of jewelry that she appreciates, but just doesn't wear. She can't sell it without feeling guilty, so it sits in a drawer. It’s frequently a family heirloom that is beautiful in its own right, but doesn’t work with today’s fashions or lifestyle. “Everyone is so casual these days" is a frequent refrain. Or, "My grandmother wore this, but I never will.”  


A familiar example would be brooches.  The market for selling second-hand brooches is somewhat weak, because most women don’t want to wear them, hence few are buying them. So if the gemstones in the brooch have inherent value, but no buyer is offering more than scrap value for the piece, I often recommend restyling. The loose gemstones can take on a whole new life remounted in earrings or a ring you could wear everyday. 


Let me serve as your personal jeweler and we can explore options together. I can sketch possible designs for you, and we can work from my archive of beautiful remount ideas. I'll take the piece to the right jewelry specialist to finalize the technical parts of the design and obtain bids for the work for your approval. Finally, I will ensure that the piece is crafted properly for a lifetime of wear. You would pay the jeweler directly for the work perforned, and compensate me only for my time spent on the project.

In an era of sustainability, redesigning and updating unwanted jewelry is a new phenomena, even though those in-the-know have been doing it for generations. Let's refresh and renew those lackluster pieces in your collection together.

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