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One-Hour Diamond Basics

diamond tweezers hold a stone in St. Louis
A crash course with an unbiased expert

Are you ready?  Ready to select your special diamond? Whether you're purchasing an engagement ring or a pair of important studs, choosing a diamond can be an overwhelming experience. It doesn't have to be that way.


I offer a One-Hour Diamond Basics consultation that will explain industry jargon in simplified, easy-to-understand terms. I will distill the information you’ve read online and provide you with a diamond shopping strategy tailored to your specific needs. As your personal diamond consultant, I will save you time, and more importantly, money, in your diamond purchase. During our time together, you can:


  • Ask any question you like, without embarrassment or fear of being taken advantage of or judged

  • Learn the differences between diamond grading reports from various gemological laboratories, why they are important, and how they affect diamond pricing

  • Discuss budget and what your money can buy in a diamond

  • Learn which of the “Four C’s” are more important than the others and how they affect rarity and price

  • Practice using a jeweler’s loupe and tweezers so you can handle a diamond like a pro at the jewelry store

  • Learn about lab-grown diamonds and the differences between them and natural diamonds mined from the earth

  • Discuss the pros and cons of buying locally versus online


We can also review diamond shapes, analyze sample diamond reports, and talk about how diamond grading is performed. My presentation will be tailored to your specific requests.

If after our consultation you would like me to assist you further, I would be happy to do so at any time. For example, I can shop with you, inspect diamonds you are considering, or help you select a mounting. Reading about my Engagement Ring Advisement services may be helpful as well. Let’s talk about the best way to accomplish your goals.

Contact me for more information about my One-Hour Diamonds Basics consultation.

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