Custom Design

a pair of opal and gemstone earrings by Daria DeKoning

To me, no possession is as special, personal, or meaningful as a custom piece of jewelry. Whatever the occasion, whether it be an engagement, the birth of a child, or commemoration of a career accomplishment, a one-of-a-kind jewel designed just for you is an exceptional belonging.

Perhaps you purchased a gemstone while traveling and you'd like to incorporate it into a piece of jewelry, but have no idea of the costs involved. Or maybe you would like it set in sterling silver, and your jeweler only works in gold or platinum. If you need expert advise to make your dream a reality, I am ready to assist.

There are many jewelers who offer custom design as part of their services, but each has its own standards, which may or may not correlate with yours. I work with several jewelers whom I have personally vetted on custom design projects, and have knowledge of each one's aesthetic, level of craftsmanship, and capabilities. Some offer CAD renderings, others sketch general ideas by hand, and some use samples of other jewelry to give a basic idea of how the finished piece will look, for example. At some shops, the client never meets the person who will be making the ring, and at others, the jeweler is completely involved in the conversation. 

Allow me to consult with you to start the process. I can answer general questions on pricing and how a custom project like yours typically progresses. We can discuss the ideas in your head, or the pictures you've gathered, and based upon the concept I will recommend a jeweler who should best suit your needs. If you would like me to introduce you to each other, I can arrange an initial meeting and explain what you are seeking, serving as your personal jeweler. Whether it's a one-hour consultation to get you headed in the right direction, or managing the entire process through the unveiling of the finished piece, I can be involved in the project as long as you prefer.

Contact me for further information on how I can assist you with a custom design.

Goddess earrings by Daria de Koning