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Collection Review

The Big Picture

If you have amassed a collection of beautiful fine jewelry over the years, but know it could use some attention, let's schedule a collection review. We would begin by arranging a convenient time to meet, preferably at your home, so that you can present all of your jewelry at once. I'll inspect it piece-by-piece, and we will start by determining the following:

  • Does it fit you properly so that it is both comfortable and flattering?

  • Do you own complementary pieces to wear with it? ​

  • Are you happy with how it looks on you?

  • Does it need a professional cleaning?

  • Does it need repair? (restringing, prongs replaced, etc.)

  • If you’re not wearing it, why not?  


Once we have sorted through the collection, we will view it as a whole and discuss additional considerations such as:

  • Is your collection appraised properly, or do you need new, or updated appraisals?

  • Do you dream of owning an iconic piece of jewelry to enhance your collection?

  • Does your collection contain too many similar pieces?

  • Are you missing pieces that would make the rest of your collection more wearable? 

  • Would you like to sell or trade in some of your unwanted jewelry for cash, or a new piece of jewelry?

  • Would you wear a piece more if it were restyled to better suit your taste?

  • Are you storing your jewelry properly?

  • What is your long-term plan for the collection?


I can also show you new ways to wear your existing pieces and offer suggestions on how to modify them for more versatility. We can create a working plan for future purchases so that you know what to look for the next time you’re shopping, or to offer a suggestion to someone who inquires about buying you a gift. I can inventory your collection with photographs and details that can be stored in a folder on your phone for immediate access. 


Finally, we can decide together which projects you would like to pursue immediately, and which are more long-term in nature. I suggest starting small, with just a few of your needs, and proceeding to the next group after they have been fulfilled.


Once all jobs are complete, we can work together on an as-needed basis, or in an ongoing relationship. I can also keep my eyes open for pieces on your wish list in the years ahead and contact you when I find something that I think you might like.


Contact me today and let's review your jewelry collection together. 


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