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Sorting Inherited Jewelry

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You've just inherited a shoebox of jewelry and you don't know which is costume, which is real, and if any of it is valuable. You are not the first person faced with this challenge. I once worked with a client who arrived with an entire suitcase stuffed with jewelry. I sorted through piles of plastic Mardi Gras beads, faux pearls, and rhinestone necklaces. Buried in this stash was one diamond ring. Surprise!

Before I begin sorting your collection, we will sit together and determine how you would like the jewelry organized and categorized, and will review any details that are important for you to know. I will properly clean pieces as needed for identification. Upon completion, I will explain my findings, properly label the groupings of bagged jewelry, and point out any interesting details I noted along the way.

Most clients just want to know which pieces are valuable. Depending on the type of pieces in the collection, I can make recommendations regarding distribution to family by value, appraisal needs, redesigning for better use, donation to charity, or possible scenarios for liquidation.

Contact me if you need assistance sorting your inherited jewelry. 

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