Sourcing a Special Piece

Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry in a magazine or in a shop while traveling and couldn't get it out of your head? Did you regret not pursuing it at the time and now would like to add it to your collection? 

I source jewels for clients, from very specific pieces to those from a certain era of design. Maybe it's a '70s-era David Webb ring or a pair of antique Georgian silver and diamond earrings. Perhaps you collect diamond straight-line bracelets and want me to keep my eyes open for great values I come across in the estate market. Whatever you are searching for, allow me to do the seek-and-find for you. I have the business relationships and contacts to locate the jewel you are seeking. You will pay me only my hourly fee, with no commission involved. It's my favorite kind of treasure hunt.

Contact me if you need assistance finding a specific piece of jewelry.

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