Engagement Ring Advisement

An engagement ring is often a person's first major fine jewelry purchase. Congratulations on taking this important step in life! So how do you intend to proceed? While it's comfortable to consult friends, colleagues, and family for their jeweler recommendations, they may not offer the best information for your particular needs. In fact, their knowledge may be inaccurate. The internet is overflowing with ways to buy diamonds online, but that can have its pitfalls as well. Allow me to serve as your experienced, educated advisor and offer a personalized engagement-ring buying strategy that will achieve your goals.

Once we have met and determined some basic parameters, I will direct you to the appropriate jeweler(s), shop with you if you prefer, ask the right questions, help you compare and contrast your favorite diamonds, keep you within your budget, and give you unbiased, educated opinions on the wedding jewelry you are considering. I have no affiliation with any jeweler and am paid no commission. As your advisor, you can rely on me to be fair, honest, and decisive. I recommend you read about my One-Hour Diamond Basics service to learn further how we might work together.

If you already own a family diamond or don't want to incorporate diamonds into your rings at all, I can recommend jewelers locally who can best create the ring of your dreams. If you prefer a vintage piece, I have numerous sources for this type of ring as well, and can be as involved in the process as you like. No matter how we end up working together, it would be my pleasure to assist you with this important purchase.

Contact me for engagement ring advisement services.

Rose gold and diamond engagement ring by Precision Set

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