Estates & Trusts

Jewelry from a trust or estate

For those responsible for the management of an estate that includes fine jewelry, I offer a complete array or professional services to manage every possible aspect of the project. Whether you need identification of jewelry for distribution to heirs, fair market value appraisals for tax purposes, liquidation of a collection for donation, or other specialized services performed, I possess the experience and qualifications to expertly navigate the entire process for you in a unique, timely, and transparent manner.


I have managed fine jewelry estates for individual executors, trustees, and non-profit organizations with collections ranging in size from 25 pieces of jewelry to 350. It is highly detailed work that requires diplomacy and experience, as well as excellent record-keeping skills; gemological and jewelry knowledge; proficiency in proper appraisal techniques for valuation, and a network of industry contacts to achieve the highest values possible when liquidating.


Several factors make my company your best choice when seeking help with your fine jewelry estate or trust.


I am the only company in St. Louis that offers completely turn-key service, tailored specifically to your needs. While reputable auction houses, jewelers, appraisers, used jewelry buyers, and estate dealers each specialize in their niche of the jewelry industry, none offers the entire range of estate or trust services that I provide to my clients.


All services are billed on an hourly basis, and I receive no commission if jewelry sales are part of the project. As an independent consultant, I have no vested, financial interest in any of your jewelry.


I can work on-site if necessary, and will bring a complete, mobile gemological laboratory with me for jewelry inspection and testing purposes, as well as a portable photography studio for shooting jewelry.


Additional estate and trust services my company provides include:

  • Sorting a collection so that costume jewelry, demi-fine, and fine jewelry are separated;

  • Conducting and creating an accurate inventory, including photos if preferred;

  • Identifying pieces that have been bequeathed for distribution:

  • Organizing receipts, appraisals and other paperwork relevant to the estate;

  • Appraising jewelry as required in a timely, organized, and convenient manner;

  • Repair management as needed.


Contact me to discuss your fine jewelry estate or trust needs.