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Repair Management

a bench jewelry conducting repairs in St. Louis

Like any other beautiful things we own, such as our homes, art, or automobiles, fine jewelry requires periodic maintenance. At the very least, jewelry that receives a lot of wear should be inspected annually, cleaned, and polished. Sometimes a bracelet with a broken clasp ends up in a pile with an earring that is missing a back or has been stepped on, or pearls that need restringing. And there it may sit, unworn, for years. If your jewelry repairs don't ever make it to the top of your "To Do" list, turn them over to me and soon they will be completed.

First, we will sit down together and I will clean and inspect the broken pieces. We will discuss the issues with each, from replacing a lost earring back to refurbishing a filigree brooch. We can determine how far up or down to re-size a ring together. I will make recommendations and suggestions on more complicated repairs as needed. I work with a small group of excellent bench jewelers throughout St. Louis, and have the expertise to know who would be best suited to the requirements for each of your projects.


During the same visit, I can also review your entire collection and see which pieces might benefit from some TLC. Your engagement ring may be missing a prong without your even being aware of it. I can determine if the prong can be easily repaired or if the entire mounting needs replacement. Because I receive no commission from any jeweler, you can trust that I am making recommendations that are only in your best interest. 

Estimates will be obtained prior to any work being started, and will be approved in advance by you. You will pay the jeweler directly for any work done, and I will be paid my hourly fee for time spent on your repairs.

Contact me if your need assistance managing your jewelry repairs.

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