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Give the Heart a Chance

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I decided decades ago that I hate heart-shaped jewelry. As an emerald-cut person, hearts were just too sweet and precious for me. But lately I've seen three pieces of jewelry all featuring hearts, and I've loved them all. What's happening???

Heart Shaped Ring

First I fell for this stunning red spinel ring by jewelry designer Erica Courtney. It's a one-of-a-kind that I spied at YlangYlang, where I learned that it it took two years just to match the stones. The band is set eternity-style, with spinels encircling the finger.

This ring isn't sweet at all -- in fact it is darkly romantic in a fairy tale kind of way. Somehow it reminds me of Snow White and a drop of red blood. It would be an enchanting, special engagement ring.

Heart Shaped Pendant

Another heart-shaped piece at YlangYlang caught my eye. It's by Italian jewelry designer Carolina Bucci, whose luxurious collection is completely casual. I think this black gold heart pendant would look great hanging on a long chain worn with a silk blouse and heels, or sneakers and a tee. The roughened texture keeps it cool and wards off the sweetness. I guess it says something about me that a black heart would be so appealing, but it truly is a great piece.

Lastly, while in Maine recently I was immediately drawn to the hand of a sales associate in one of my favorite little shops in Camden. Her ring was extraordinary. A narrow, oval ruby was flanked by two massive, heart-shaped diamonds, set sideways with lobes against the ruby and the points facing away from center. I had never seen anything like it. The hearts were as wide as the center ruby was tall. These were no mere "accent" stones, but chunky, beautifully proportioned diamonds with a life of their own. When I complimented her on it and asked for a closer look, she informed me that she had previously owned a jewelry shop, and had had the hearts cut for her as a matched pair specifically for this design. I thanked her for sharing the story behind the beautiful piece and left thinking, "I don't hate hearts, it just has to be the right heart."


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