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Managing your Stash

Every woman who wears jewelry has a little stash. You know, that pile of bits and bobs that sits in the jewelry box or in a nook somewhere. It's all of that extra stuff that you don't know what to do with.

May I make a few suggestions?


  • extra links from watches (your size may change or the next person to wear the watch may have a bigger wrist than you)

  • extra earring backs

  • gold clasps from necklaces that are long gone (because you may someday find some beautiful beads and want to string them up)

  • extra pearls and beads from pieces you’ve had fitted in the past


  • ½ pairs of earrings, or anything broken that can't be repaired

  • completely useless pieces that you haven’t missed in all the years they have been sitting in your stash (rings, bracelets, rope chains)

  • empty ring mountings from which the stones have been removed (in most cases it's too difficult to find a new stone with the exact measurements to fit back in the mounting)

  • gold or platinum watches that you wouldn’t wear even if they were working — the family’s pocketwatches, for instance.


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