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Your earrings, your face

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Earrings are my favorite type of jewel. To me, no other piece of jewelry declares one's personality or tops off a look quite like an earring. The right earring can make our eyes dance and our skin glow. The right earring can give confidence and attitude -- even though we see them only in the mirror.

Earrings are worn in the most prominent of positions, just off the face. When someone is talking to you, he or she is probably looking at your expressive face, and not at your wrist or ring finger. The earrings you choose to wear are part of what my favorite bloggers Tom and Lorenzo call "headstyling." Your makeup, haircut, color and style are the other components of your headstyle,

and if you're lucky, they're all working together.

Find your perfect pair of earrings, contact me today for a personal jewelry shopping experience.

So how do you get the earrings right? First, I believe that selecting a pair of earrings should involve lots of trying on, which isn't the worst way to spend one's time, and gazing into both a handheld and full-length mirror to gain a sense of proportion and scale.

We all possess individual characteristics that give context to a pair of earrings. Skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, the length of one's neck, and shape of one's face all interact with an earring's design. More than any other piece of jewelry, earrings change personality between sitting in a case and going onto the body -- hence the need to try them on.

When working with a client, I always thinking about shapes. If her face is long and narrow, we'll stay away from a stiletto style and look for a piece with more horizontal elements. That way my eye will travel across her face from side to side, giving her more visual width. Conversely, I like the looks of drop earrings on women who have rounder faces. The contrast is artful and pleasing.

Anne is so knowledgeable about jewelry and jewelry design. After a consultation with her, I now know which metals and jewelry designs look best with my skin tone and facial features."   -- K.K.

Hair color is a serious consideration when choosing earrings. So many designers today use oxidized (blackened) silver in their earrings, which absolutely disappear on any brunette with shoulder-length hair. Redheads look incredible in yellow gold. They may like platinum for their wedding rings, but when worn against the face, white metals often look harsh with auburn tones.

And then there are the ears themselves to contend with. No one has completely symmetrical ears, a trait that is usually discovered when buying a pair of hoop earrings and one tilts outward more than the other. Some women have non-existent lobes and others are well-endowed. Piercings present a host of additional issues. If you're working with an experienced jeweler, he or she will offer several solutions to alleviate problems and improve the fit of your earrings.

So the right pair of earrings is one that flatters your head style, makes you feel great every time you put them on, sits properly and comfortably on your ears, expresses your personality, and punctuates your look. Once you acquire the first pair, you want to expand your jewelry collection with others that are just as special.

For help finding your perfect pair of earrings, contact me today for a personal jewelry shopping experience.

1 comment

1 Comment

Hilda Adams
Apr 16, 2018

Oh yes!!! Earrings do top off a look. Whenever I finish my makeup, I still look ‘undone’ until I put in my earrings. Thanks for all the tips!

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