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An Engaging Experience

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, the holidays are here, but between now and New Year’s Eve, more couples will become engaged than during any other month. Whether it’s the romance of the season, the nearness of family and friends, or the fact that an engagement ring is expensive (so why not combine it with a Christmas gift?), chances are you’ll know of someone who will become engaged soon.

Diamond Engagement Ring Shopping St. Louis

And chances are that the bride-to-be has been involved in some manner with the selection of her ring. Which makes sense to me. I can’t imagine being given a ring that I would wear the rest of my life and being ambivalent about its appearance, or worse, hating it.

Smart couples know there are many ways to choose a ring that both partners love. Some decide to shop together throughout the entire process, with each being aware of, and/or contributing to the cost of the perfect ring. Others shop together with no discussion of pricing so that the person giving the ring learns the shape of diamond, scale of ring and general design she prefers. After a shopping trip or two together, he goes it alone.

I’ve assisted young men who shop successfully with their girlfriend’s best friend, because she knows the important details to consider and is frequently armed with photos of “liked” rings on her phone. Whichever shopping style suits you best and makes you comfortable as a couple is the right way to proceed.

This scenario always makes me nervous for the bride – it’s the over-confident man who is sure he knows more about diamonds than the gemologist, who has personally designed a ring to be custom-made for his sweetheart. Some of the ugliest jewelry I’ve ever seen has come into the world this way. (I can’t forget the over-designed, gloppy confection Justin Timberlake dreamed up for his fiancee’ Jessica Biel.)

Another unpleasant situation involves the young man shopping with his domineering mother, who insists on running the show. She is either selecting what she herself would wear, or is pooh-poohing everything her son likes because she doesn’t want her future daughter-in-law to have a bigger diamond than the one she owns. Subconsciously. Usually.

Yes, the emotions behind choosing an engagement ring can be intense, whether shopping alone, as a couple, or with a trusted friend. I’m here to navigate the process for you, smooth the road, and develop a personalized diamond buying strategy. The goal is a fun experience, two delighted people, and a beautiful engagement ring with which to begin a lifetime together.

Contact me today, for help understanding how to buy a diamond or to have the aid of a personal jewelry shopper with years of experience and many contacts in the industry.


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