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Layer It On

I am struggling with one of the strongest trends in jewelry right now, that is, the "layering" of necklaces. Look around and you can see it everywhere, on every age, to varying degrees of success. I show my clients how to style their own necklaces this way, and it looks great on them, but on me, it's not happening.

I love the look of multiple necklaces worn together. It's feminine and personal, unstudied and casual. This is a bit of chicanery, however, as achieving the right balance actually takes thought and effort. It's all about achieving the proper proportion and scale. Each piece either needs to be adjustable or nest exactly above the one below it. And after scanning hundreds of photos of women wearing layered necklaces, I'm starting to think it's best on either young women, petite women, or a combination of both. But look how pretty it can be!

The other thing I've noticed is that everyone who wears this well has a good neck. I'm currently moving into Nora Ephron territory, ("I Feel Bad About My Neck"), after never having given that part of my body a second thought. So maybe when that day arrives, you ditch the multiple pieces and go for a single, bolder necklace. If you don't want people looking at your neck, that is. Because smaller, more delicate necklaces draw in the view of others. A stronger piece that can be read from across the room won't warrant such close inspection when two people are face-to-face.

If you're going to attempt your own version of layering necklaces, I recommend you keep the garment simple. A sold teeshirt or tailored shirt is going to supply the best canvas. Mix up the metals or the weight of the chains to keep the whole assemblage from looking too perfect or studied. It's supposed to appear that you just threw it on while headed out the door, and it happened to look fabulous!

I think I'll stick to earrings.


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