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My Gift to You

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Jewelry is my favorite gift to give and receive, hands down. While electronics, artwork, clothes, handbags, shoes, gift cards, exercise equipment, stationery, coffee table books, event tickets, sporting goods, and travel have all been happily received over my lifetime, nothing compares to the thrill of opening a box that holds a precious jewel. What is it about fine jewelry that makes it such a meaningful gift?

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First, jewelry is precious, and the person giving it to you thinks you're precious too. When your mother gives you her mother's favorite ring, is there anything that could you make you feel more special? When your husband presents that incredible piece you have been thinking about all year, could there be a more personal expression of his love for you?

I admire and appreciate my wedding band every day I slip it on my finger. While getting dressed and putting on other significant pieces, I enjoy remembering the occasions on which they were given -- my 40th birthday, an important anniversary, a special Christmas -- and what I was doing at that point in time. My jewelry collection tells the story of my life. Unlike those who prefer the exhilaration of an experience, I enjoy the permanence of a piece of jewelry and the memories behind it.

The design and creation of fine jewelry is an art form. A talented designer envisions the piece, skilled lapidaries polish stones from their rough form into faceted gemstones, goldsmiths fabricate the components and set the gems. The thought and care that goes into creating even the simplest of jewels is noteworthy. I appreciate each of these highly specialized skills, and marvel at what a true artisan can create out of raw materials from the Earth.

Fine jewelry is a way to experience beauty every day. How a piece feels on the body, the color it exudes, even the way it sounds, all contribute to its beauty. If you've caught yourself admiring a ring or bracelet while your hands are on the steering wheel, you aren't the first to do so. Whether it's the rainbows of light scattered about by your diamond, or the silky feel of a gold link chain on your wrist, it's good to appreciate the wonder and loveliness of things around you.

Sometimes, fine jewelry can be a connection. When I was a young girl, I would visit my great aunts in Connecticut. I remember asking if I could go through their jewelry boxes, and sitting on the bed as they described each piece -- how it was acquired, how they wore it, what it meant to them. On one occasion they surprised me and gave me two gold bangles that they had received at Christmas when they were young. I kept one and gave the other to my sister. I wore mine over the next forty years and had it monogrammed with my initials along the way. Last year I gave it to my niece and goddaughter, who happens to share my initials, for her Confirmation. I so enjoyed connecting her to her great-great-aunts, whom she never will know outside of photographs. It was one of the most heartfelt gifts I have ever given.

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Lastly, while it isn't something I think about in the moment, gifts of fine jewelry have additional benefits. From a purely practical standpoint, fine jewelry holds value. It generally is less trendy than anything else you wear, so it can be enjoyed for decades and then perhaps redesigned.If after a change in profession or lifestyle a piece no longer suits you, it can become a special gift for someone else. It's a portable heirloom that can be kept in the family for generations, or if there is no family, can be easily liquidated and donated to charity. While these advantages aren't the primary reasons to enjoy a gift of jewelry, they certainly can help justify it!

Need help finding the perfect jewelry gift for someone? I can help! Contact me today to get started on your personal jewelry shopping experience.


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