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Ten Reasons to Collect Fine Jewelry

Think of your friends and all of the things they collect. I know people who collect art, fossils, wine, handbags, china, guns, vintage clothing, first editions, shoes, movie memorabilia, sports memorabilia, baskets, pottery, clocks, silver serving pieces, cars, and firetrucks. Someone very close to me owns 5,000 miniature metal soldiers.

Collecting can be an amusing past-time or a more-than-full-time hobby. No matter how we indulge in it, I think the seeking and finding of specific objects must satisfy some primal urge we have as humans. It probably started with someone spying a pretty rock or seashell thousands of years ago and saying to herself, "I'd like to keep that."

My favorite collectors are fine jewelry collectors. We are a happy crew! Here are a few reasons why:

A case of vintage watches at Timekeepers, Clayton

1. Jewelry is beautiful and can make you look and feel beautiful.

2. You can wear and admire pieces of your collection throughout the day.

3. It's frequently an heirloom, whether you're giving or receiving.

4. It's art, design, and craftsmanship, all in one precious object.

5. Jewelry doesn't require much space in your home.

6. It has intrinsic value, if you ever need to liquidate.

7. You can express yourself to the world through your jewelry wardrobe.

8. Jewelry is easy to transport.

9. If properly cared for, jewelry doesn't deteriorate.

10. It's often a commemoration of a special occasion.

There actually are many more than 10 reasons why jewelry is the ultimate collectible, but I'll stop here. (Did I mention that it doesn't need a humidity-controlled storage area, special lighting, or oil changes?) Maybe it's time to add to your jewelry collection. Think of how practical you are!


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