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The Fairest of Them All

"But square cut or pear shape, these rocks don't lose their shape . . .", so sang Marilyn in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." Big, fancy-cut diamonds were a hot topic again this month, specifically one rather large emerald-cut that Alex Rodriguez presented to Jennifer Lopez. I've read all kinds of spectacular estimates as to its size and purported cost, but one thing everyone seems to agree on --- it's stunning.

Emerald-cuts are far-and-away my favorite diamond shape, and always have been. When I think about it, I prefer straight lines to curves, find myself drawn to linear home furnishings, and would always choose stripes over any other geometric pattern when selecting a textile. It must be something we are born with, our preference for shape.

The emerald-cut diamond, also known as the step-cut, is fashioned in a series of parallel and perpendicular rectangular facets, with a keel line running along the very bottom of the gemstone. Although it possesses 58 facets, just as the brilliant-cut round diamond, the emerald-cut is not designed for maximum sparkle. Instead, the facet arrangement highlights the diamond's purity, exuding a quiet elegance and sophistication. Some are more slender and others more squarish, but each one possesses its own unique beauty and personality.

Women I know who wear emerald cuts enjoy being drawn into the hall-of-mirrors effect they see in their diamonds, which can be quite mesmerizing. The larger the diamond, the easier it is to follow the steps leading into its depths. Check out some of my favorite celebrity emerald-cut rings.

Above, right: ARod and JLo's beachy proposal, featuring an emerald-cut diamond weighing approximately 10.00-15.00cts. Other famous women who have rocked the step-cut, clockwise from upper left: Beyonce, Amal Clooney, Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly. Liz's world-renowned Krupp diamond, weighing in at 33.19cts. was renamed in her honor after Richard Burton purchased it in 1968. It was auctioned by her estate in 2011 for $8.8 million.



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