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This old thing?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Is that old engagement ring still sitting in your dresser drawer?

When a marriage ends in divorce, two things are inevitable: there is a ring, and there is a woman who won’t be wearing it any longer. Depending on how she feels about her diamond and her ex-husband, along with the state of her personal finances, there are several options I can recommend.

How To Sell Your Wedding Ring after Divorce

For the woman who loves her diamond and simply can’t bear to part with it, no matter what its history, I suggest remounting the stone into a new piece of jewelry. Some clients enjoy looking at their diamond so much they choose to reset it into a right-hand ring that doesn’t resemble a wedding ring in any way. Others have purchased a matching diamond and created a pair of diamond earstuds. Most frequently, the diamond ends up in a pendant.

The majority of divorced women, however, ultimately decide to sell their wedding jewelry, whether it’s the day after the divorce is finalized or five years later. Once the decision is made, the next question becomes, “how do I sell my ring and know I’m getting the best value possible?” There are hundreds of businesses that buy used jewelry, from established fine jewelers to estate dealers to on-line companies, plus Ebay, and consignment shops. Which is the best way to go?

First, whether you want to remount your diamond or sell it outright, you should gather any paperwork you might have that describes the ring, whether it be a receipt, an independent laboratory report, or insurance replacement appraisal. If you don’t have any paperwork, it’s not the end of the world, but certain documents can be quite helpful in establishing the cash value of a diamond. Next, I recommend you contact me to schedule a consultation.

If you’ve decided to sell, we will meet, I will conduct an initial inspection of your ring, and we will have a frank conversation about its potential cash value on the second-hand market. Next, because every diamond is unique, depending on its size and shape, and the style and condition of the ring, I will develop a personalized strategy to sell it, working within my network of potential buyers. You will be kept informed throughout the process and once I offer my final recommendation, it will ultimately be your choice whether or not to proceed.

“I had been trying to sell my wedding rings for months without success, but then I met with Anne and she helped me understand the true value of my jewelry. Anne has many connections in the St. Louis jewelry industry and she was able to sell my rings at a great price that we all agreed upon.” - K.H.

My credentials as a GIA gemologist, my experience in the market, and my established relationships with buyers allow me to work quickly and efficiently. As an independent consultant, I receive no commission from any potential buyer and will work on your behalf to achieve the best value. Funds attained from the sale will be passed directly through to you, and you will compensate me for the initial consultation and my time spent selling your diamond.

If you’ve decided to create a new piece of jewelry that incorporates your diamond, I am happy to assist in the initial concept and recommend jewelers whom I feel would best realize your vision. If you would like me to be involved throughout the process, again, there is no commission paid to me by anyone, you simply compensate me for my time.

It’s a painless process for you, and a great way to turn your unwanted engagement ring into cash or a beautiful new piece of jewelry that you will happily wear. There is no good reason to leave an engagement ring you aren’t wearing sitting in a drawer or lock

box. Contact me today so we can get together and cross this off your to-do list!


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